2011 AMA’s Drinking Game

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The AMA’s (American Music Awards) are live tonight on ABC at 8/7c PM. To amplify your viewing pleasure, we gave you an excuse to drink (in most cases, we gave you an excuse just to drink more): The 2011 AMA Drinking Game

  • Take a shot for every time Audrina Patridge sounds dumb during the pre-show.
  • Drink every time someone says, “AMA’s.”
  • Despite this being the America Music Awards, take a drink every time the camera flashes to that little Canadian boy Justin Bieber. Double sip if Selena Gomez is in the shot. And if they show them both together, take 3.
  • Toast to any Beyonce baby bump reference.
  • Take a shot every time Nicki Minaj acts as an alter ego (Roman, Barbie, Martha).
  • If Lady Gaga looks like a man, game over. Finish all the alc in the room.
  • Whenever an artist “thanks the fans” – chug-a-lug.
  • Drink whenever you see a holiday commercial.
  • Shotgun/funnel a beer if Chris Brown dances in his performance.
  • Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera perform “Moves Like Jagger” drink, and drink again for every time you start humming/whistling after hearing it. So freaking catchy.
  • Celebrate the British way and pop open an ale or stout beer when Adele or Mumford and Sons wins an award. (If you’re not that sophisticated, Natty or Bud Light will have to do.)
  • Drink for each time you can’t understand what Lil Wayne’s saying
  • Take a drink every time Pitbull says, “Dale” or “Eeeoowww” in his performance.
  • If J-Lo and Marc Anthony are shown together, chuckle, but then take a sip.
  • If anyone of the Twilight Cast is there for some reason & they talk about the movie and/or soundtrack, go ahead, drink.
  • Drink any time an artist self-promotes themselves or their posse.
  • Pour some liquor out for Rihanna if Chris Brown beats her (physically or literally) for Favorite Album.
  • Drink every time a presenter stumbles over their words or stutters as they read the teleprompter.
  • LMFAO gets an award, take a drink, and then shuffle.
  • Have a glass of wine if a female takes home Artist of the Year. If you’re wineless, drink your beer with your pinky up. (The nominations are: Adele, Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift.)
  • And just for fun…roll one up if Wiz Khalifa wins for Sprint New Artist of the Year.
  • Drink wine and slap the bag when the AMA’s are over .