Call Me Maybe

5 Girlie Songs Guys Can Shamelessly Love

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There are many songs out there that any manly man would love to say he hates, but in reality, hates to say he loves. He knows every word. And that’s okay. Now don’t worry, there exist some songs that even the biggest bro can freely sing just as loudly as the drunk girls dancing and still keep his man card. Here are the “girlie” songs guys can shamelessly love:

“Call Me Maybe” –Carly Rae Jepsen

Let’s be honest boys, you don’t love this song because it has provided you with a new cheesy pick-up line. You love it because it’s fantastic. What’s a party without Carly Rae singing, “hey, I just met you, and this is crazy” on repeat? Even Harvard’s baseball team did a video to tribute the song. No one would argue against the manliness of those boys. And to the DJ’s who fight against it: you’re in denial. Just because you’re behind the laptop and speakers doesn’t mean we can’t see you singing once you finally give in and play it (for the eighth time of the night).

“Party in the U.S.A.” –Miley Cyrus

A song about America that makes girls move their hips “like yeah”? Sounds like a guy’s kind of song. There’s nothing wrong with a guy throwing his hands in the air as he belts this tune just like he were a girl from Nashville just landing at LAX. However, as much as you may love Miley, not all of her songs are acceptable for you to openly know all the lyrics, such as “See You Again.” No girl wants to see a guy smiling coyly as he sings “Oh, she’s just being Miley.” 

“I Want It That Way” –Backstreet Boys

Sure, when this song first came out, you hated it. You had to; girls still had cooties. Now, thanks to 90’s theme parties and a few drinks, you can sing every word as loud as you desire. No need to hide bro, hop on that table just as the music builds to the screaming “Don’t wanna hear you”. Plus, you’re way manlier than the guys actually in Backstreet Boys. Well, unless you have frosted tips in your hair. 

“Last Friday Night” –Katy Perry

No one can shame a guy for singing along with “Last Friday Night” because we’ve all been there. We all know the horrible feeling when you wake up and see you’ve been tagged in 10+ pictures on Facebook. Who hasn’t done too many shots or woken up with a pounding headache? If you’re not breaking the law, you’re not doing this whole college thing right. College students, guys and girls alike thank you, Katy Perry, for their very own anthem.

“As Long As You Love Me” –Justin Bieber

There isn’t a cure, and we all have it: Bieber Fever. Boys, you’ve fought a long (losing) battle against the fever, but it’s time you give up and we won’t hold it against you. You loved “Boyfriend”, but it was still too soon (and he says “swaggy”). But with “As Long As You Love Me” out, you might as well cry next to the tween girls and feel no shame. This isn’t the same Bieber that promised one less lonely girl. He’s a man, and so are you as you jam out to him.

Note: Jury is still out on One Direction. We know you love them, we’re just not sure we’re ready to see how much you love them. For now, keep that one to yourself.