A Guide To Majors & Careers

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Two of the most stressful things in college are picking a major and deciding what you want to do with the rest of your life. As of now, the hardest decision you’ve probably had was picking which college you wanted to go to, and that wasn’t even that hard.  They actually have a list online of the 25 biggest party schools. You just need to look at that, find out which ones you can get into, and then choose the one that is ranked highest. 

As you can see the future is bleak in this economy. And in this case, the phrase “less is more “ actually does apply.  So my advice is to stop worrying about what major will help you in the long run, because they all lead to the same job. Enjoy college for what it is, an excuse to be drunk and have sex all the time. Trust me, understanding this flow chart will better prepare you for the real world than any other major will.