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#CTL Content Contest

We are proud to announce a new #CTL Content Contest where you both supply and judge content published on  The winner of the weekly contest will win stuff.  For the first week we will be giving away a CTL Logo T-Shirt. Here’s how it will work.  Each Sunday we will count the amount of sharing of…



By now, we all know what Shark Week was created for: shameless day drinking “because it’s Shark Week”, failing to do normal daily tasks like answering e-mails or putting on pants “because it’s Shark Week,” taking the entire week off from work, “because it’s Shark Week.” Suddenly you find yourself thinking about sharks frequently, consider…


The Assholes of Twitter

1. People who complain about suffering from insomnia when you don’t actually have insomnia. EXAMPLE: Can’t sleep :-/ I wish this stupid insomnia would go away.” Have you ever met someone that actually has insomnia? They typically look like dive-off-the-deep-end Amanda Bynes on a good day. It’s terrible. Here’s what you’re really saying when you…