Articles by JShep


The People of EDM

As EDM (Electronic Dance Music) continues sweeping the mainstream music scene and our nation, there has been a growing interest in the ‘rave’ scene.  This can range from some shitty DJ spinning today’s top hits at your local campus bar to the rage fests that they call events such as EDC (Tomorrowland for our foreign…


How We Acquire Alcohol (By Class Year)

Regardless of our year in college it’s safe to say that we’re getting plastered at least two nights a week (more if you aren’t a pussy).  Until America wises up like the progressive state of Canada and lowers the legal drinking age to 18, freshman and sophomores must be a little more creative than the…


The Unspoken Rules of College

Throughout our years at an institution of higher education, we learn more than just what our professors expect us to learn (the week before finals), we also learn a certain set of rules and guidelines that help us navigate the treacherous waters that are the social situations at these institutions. To those of you who understand what it is I’m talking about, kudos. And for those unaware derelicts and/or freshman that don’t, here’s a list of a few unspoken rules you ought to abide by.