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Dear Graduating Seniors,

Today, my darling graduates, marks the momentous beginning of your future life. A life of full of mystical and magical things. Things like “jobs” and “careers”. Things like a life without midday naps. You’re off to a world where dollar slices are not suppose to be the only thing you eat.  Graduates, you’re off to…


2012 MTV VMA's Drinking Game

Many would argue tonight is one of musics most important nights (maybe only second to the Grammy’s).  From where we’re sitting, tonight is also pretty important to college students across the country.  Falling right after classes get rolling for most of us, the VMAs are the perfect time to stock up on booze, grab some…


The Chinese Food Theory

ve been told (though I’m not quite sure if this is just some extremely well thought out lie put on the back of cereal boxes) that when you meet the one, you automatically know. You just know, and if you don’t know then they simply aren’t the one.  What if you’re too busy making sure…

phi mu

Recipe for the Perfect Day Drink

Preheat college for anywhere between 69-85 degrees. Temperature should be sunny, light, and remind oneself that there is life outside dark basements. Start with 2 scoops of your favorite kind of LAX pinny (you can find this in your local fraternity for around 2 beers depending on your negotiating skills) or sundresses.  The pinnies should…

Drunk Texting

Dear Drunk Texting,

Dear Drunk Texting, Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Let’s talk, shall we? Specifically regarding anytime I’m single, drunk, and have my phone in reach. Last Night I was channeling my inner Pocahontas, drunk enough to feel the colors of the wind and seriously believing I could talk to animals. It also apparently wasn’t a big deal to be running…