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HBO GIRLS Drinking Game

Take a sip… Whenever Hannah’s naked. Every time there is a sex scene. Every time someone cries. Whenever Shoshanna freaks out/ gets awkward or talks about sex. Whenever Shoshanna says “like”. Whenever Marnie is called psycho/uptight/etc. Whenever Charlie is overly emotional for a guy. When any of the girls work struggles are brought up. Every…


2013 Oscars Drinking Game

While celebrities are deciding what to wear, make up your mind about your alcohol choice because it’s time to play the 2013 Oscars Drinking Game (Up there it is, they said it.) For those  of you who don’t get the reference in the parentheses, it is a Family Guy reference to the episode about saying…


Instagram Drinking Game

Take a sip… Every time someone says #nofilter Every time someone does a tbt to last weekend When the majority of someone’s instagram are filtered selfies Every time the hashtags exceed 5 Every time Kim Kardasian instagrams a photo with her ass in it Every time a photo is picstiched Every time someone instagrams a…


Snap Chatting People You Like

Snap Chatting is the greatest thing created. Not only can you send your friend a semi provocative text but now you can add a half stupid looking half sexy picture to go with it. The people behind this App should be considered modern geniuses. If you haven’t got the update I suggest you do. Although…

tongue rape

Stranger Danger

So we’ve all been fed the same educational lines from our parents our whole lives. From “Don’t take candy from strangers” to “Don’t talk to strangers”, the lessons they’ve told us have been all piled into the memorable saying “Stranger Danger.” Now being older and wiser we look back on those saying and think to…



Halloween is one of the only times dressing like a slut is acceptable and expected. It’s the time of year when we destroy the innocence of Disney princesses and sexualize the careers we may one day have.  From wrapping your boobs with caution tape to putting leaves on your body and calling yourself eve, the…