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Nail Colors for Winter

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Just because the weather is dull and gray, does not mean your nails have to be drab and boring as well! Adding a pop of color to your fingertips is an easy way to add a bit of extra “oomph” to your outfit everyday. And don’t kid yourself by claiming you don’t have any time to paint your nails and let them dry and blah blah blah, we know you’re all just sitting around watching Bravo and not doing your homework anyways.

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New Year, New Makeup

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This winter’s makeup is about going bold or going nude. There seems to be no in between this season, but the trends are exciting and doable for everyone. And surprise surprise ladies, this season’s beauty tips encourage you to lay off of the tanning and embrace a pale face!

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Avoiding Heels from Hell

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It’s 12am,you’re wasted already, your shoes are in your hand, and now you find yourself walking around campus in bare feet. Instead of waking up to a morning of glass filled feet and a severe case of “black-foot”, learn how to wear the right heels! For god knows what reason, girls all insist on wearing heels out because “they’re like so comfortable, I swear!”…wrong, bitch! To be honest, there is probably no ideal heel out there that is going to feel amazing on your feet, but with the right support and a little booze, you are sure to feel just fine. Follow these simple rules and enjoy a blister free existence.

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Ring in New Year’s the Right Way

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Sequins are NOT the answer. Sure, they can be a part of the answer, but do not revolve your outfit around them! There is a huge difference between wearing a top or dress with bits of beading and sparkle and wearing a piece of clothing made entirely out of sequins – don’t even think of doing that.