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Advice From A Senior

As a senior, just a few short days away from graduation, there are so many things I wish someone would have sat me down and drilled into my brain when I first started college. Now I’m not saying I have any regrets (I have had an epic four years on this campus), but looking at…

Boat Party (Little 500)

Wanted: The Parties of Spring Semester

The best party weekends all have similar recipes. They start with waking up with the sun and grabbing the first bottle or can your sleepy eyes set sites on. Kegs and eggs, mimosas made with about 90% champagne and 10% orange juice (that shits expensive), and music blasting through the speakers are universal. Whether there is a main event that afternoon or the only thing to look forward to is more drinking, here are many universities that have these parties to help finish the year off right.


Wanted: Best Winter Break Ever

Mom and Dad, this is the time you have to step your game up and plan a sweet vacation. Snowboarding in Colorado, beach bumming in Key West, whatever. Get us the hell out of the house before we kill each other. Whether in hot tubs or strolling in the surf, the more girls in bikinis the better. Just make sure you get me my own room, I can’t put my sex life on hold just because grandma is on a trip with us.


Wanted: A Better Male F*** Buddy

You want to occupy me with your dick. Let me repeat that – you want to occupy ME, with YOUR dick. My vagina = my rules. I don’t know where your sorry excuse of a penis has been, and I don’t want it anywhere near me unless it’s wrapped up. If you’re going to whine about putting a condom on, you can shut your mouth and gtfo, because I didn’t invite you over to hear you talk.