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Which Roommate Are You?

Remember the first few weeks of college? Awkward boxes left in the corner, clothes draped over the drawers, fridge packed full of alcohol and nothing else… yeah, first few weeks of college are great… You’re probably thought about how awesome your room was going to be : “Woooo party animals! Lets call our room ‘The…

Hunger Games Drinking

The Hunger Drinking Games

24 go in sober… all come out shattered. 1 has pride and bragging rights. It only make sense to make the popular book/movie in to a drinking game: Below are the rules and regulations to the Hunger Drinking Game. Time to get drunk. WHAT YOU’LL NEED: A whole lot of alcohol and a deck of cards…


The Karaoke All-Stars

If you don’t enjoy a solid night of karaoke then I assume you support the Taliban. The freedom to stand on stage and sing whatever song the DJ was able to illegally download without lyrics in it while drinking beer is one of the most American things you can participate in.