By now, we all know what Shark Week was created for: shameless day drinking “because it’s Shark Week”, failing to do normal daily tasks like answering e-mails or putting on pants “because it’s Shark Week,” taking the entire week off from work, “because it’s Shark Week.” Suddenly you find yourself thinking about sharks frequently, consider…


What NOT To Do At The Bar

If you’re 21 or older, you’ve had the awesome experience of getting legally drunk with hundreds of other people. There’s just something magical about the college bar atmosphere. I’ve been to campus bars my fair share of times (okay, every Thursday for a year. But who’s counting?), and I have seen the best and the…

My Hangover Story

As an ode to the most recent release in the Hangover trilogy I’ve felt compelled to chronicle my very own Hangover-esque odyssey.  I will prologue by admitting I am not as great at telling this epic as my good friend and promising rapper Jordan is, but he’s busy and I’m bored. I will also first…


The Art of Day Drinking

So it’s getting to be that time of year again. The sun is starting to shine; Uggs are turning to flip flops, tights to bikinis and North Face jackets to neon tanks. That’s right people its springtime, it’s the time of year when college students stop hiding out in the bars and come outside to…


How NOT To Throw a Party

Everyone dreams of having an awesome college party, but it takes certain knowledge and skill to effectively execute. Jello shots, Jungle Juice, and kegs are always fun, but follow these steps to avoid disaster: 1. Don’t Get Blackout Before the Guests Arrive: No, I’m not kidding. This can happen very easily. You think, “Hey! I don’t…