Drinking Jenga

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There are the classics; beer pong, flip-cup, and just drinking until you can’t drink any longer, but I’d like to introduce to you a new game.  This innovative game provides you with a throwback to your childhood years, not to mention maybe even the rare opportunity to “sneak-a-peak”.  What could bring about such joy and drunken fun, you may ask?  The answer: Drinking Jenga.

The rules are the same as regular Jenga, but a few exceptions.  You’ll simply need a Jenga, a permanent marker, and any alcoholic beverage.  You have to write a command, rule, or dare on every block, set up your Jenga tower, and play!  Easy as that!What You Need

How To Play

Set the Jenga in the middle of a table, circle around it, and begin.  Whatever block you pull out of the tower will have an instruction (which you wrote on earlier), you’ll have to perform the task presented before moving on to the next person.  You continue taking turns from person to person, each completing his or her respective tasks until someone knocks the Jenga tower down.  Upon the collapse of the tower, Dr. Butterfingers who knocked it down will then have to either take a shot or chug a beer as his or her punishment (or reward, let’s be honest).  After the loser takes his or her penalty, simply set up the tower and play again.

Turning Jenga #CTL

What can I write on these blocks you may be inclined to ask?  In all honesty, you can write whatever the hell you want (we do live in America, baby).  Write a dare, an amount someone has to drink, whatever your little alcoholic hearts desire. Below are some examples, for those of you that are probably already wasted and can’t think of anything:

[list style=”circle”]
  • Never Have I Ever: Alright if you don’t know how to play “Never Have I Ever” I kindly ask you to get off my website
  • Don’t Be[LITTLE] Me: Drink up Oompa Loompa, shortest person playing has to drink.
  • Striptease: Take off one (or three, however many you horn-dogs think you can get away with calling) items of clothing. Show some skin slut.
  • Beer/Ice B*tch: Person has to get people’s beer/ice when they run out, clutch.
  • Whipped Cream Bikini: Person has to soak their private parts in whip cream for the audience to see.  Just make sure this person is attractive.
  • Intensity: Person has to do something “intense.” Makeout with the girl sitting by her boyfriend, sext your friend’s mom, or go down a bottle of hot sauce.
  • Dare or Drink: Dare someone to walk around campus naked? Then take pictures and send it to #CTL!
  • Give 3 Drinks: You can “give” 3 drinks to whoever you’d like (don’t worry, you don’t actually have to give them your drink, they just take 3 sips from theirs)
  • What’s your number? Tell everyone how many people you have slept with and go in detail about when you lost your virginity.  Why not?  What happens during Jenga, stays with Jenga.  So get raunchy baby!

As you can see, you can write down whatever your alcoholic imagination comes up with (although tough luck getting a “Give Someone a BJ” block to work the first couple of rounds.  So get your bros and hoes together to reminisce about the old days of naptimes and juice boxes, all while drinking to intense levels of intoxication.  Who knew that one of our most beloved childhood pastimes would evolve into a one-way ticket to Black-Out Central?  Thank you, Drinking Jenga.