Girls, It’s Time To Stop Giving Fucks

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As college aged students, girls take a lesson for our male counterparts and start not giving a fuck.  I am so sick of walking through my college campus and see girls crying, making excuses not to go out, and being over dramatic about life.  No one wants to deal with that.  As far as drinking is considered, I do not give a shit if you have a meeting with the pope the next day not drinking or wanting to go out unless your dying or family is comming is completely  inexcusable. On the same note if you say that you do not want to go party because you will not find your husband at a frat house doing a keg stand, get the fuck out of college and go collect your dowlery from your family cause your life’s over.  You have four years here and then it’s not comonly acceptable to take vodka bongs in the back yard, and beer pong is no longer a good replacment for a kitchen table.  So bitches do not go to bed before 1 am on the weekends.  If I have to deal with one more fucker complaining about how your single my handle of Aristocrat is going to kamakazi itself down my throat.  You’re 19 and your single this is not a funeral this is the best celebration of your life you are a hot single bitch surrounded by thousands of hot ass men just as horny as you are and hell maybe your problems rectified.

Please learn from our male counterparts and start living like them, it’s a fuck ton more fun.  When a guy starts crying they all beat the shit out of him till he stops.  If a guy doesnt want to go out he becomes the biggest pussy among his friends and will probably end up being tea-baged repeatidly in the night.  None of them have this annoying need to be married mentality and if they do their friends rectify it by ensuring that their boy gets great pussy from a random then the get all their senses back.

Here is a drinking game to deal with the idiocies of women in our generation:

1. Every crying chick you see take a shot.

2. Every bitch you see fighting wither her boyfriend or friends take a shot.

3.  Every time one of these chicks say I wish I had a boyfriend take two shots (trust me you will need it for the rant that ensuse after said statement).

4. Every bitch that says I just wish Eric from The little Mirmaid (Or any other Disney movie man) was real chug your beer!

5. Every Bitch that says I not going out I’m tired take a shot and remember all the shit you will be doing tonight.

6. I have to go to _________ tomorrow so I can’t go out tonight take two shots one for you and one for their memory.

7. Every time you hear one say why am I not married yet all I want to do is be a house wife one shot.

8 I’m majoring in housewife minoring in MILF one shot.

9. I don’t wanna go out I don’t wanna marry a frat boy two shots they don’t wanna marry you either princess.

10. Last but not least the bitch that believes sucking every dick at the party will get her a boyfriend, chug, chug, chug, and don’t stop chugging.

If you follow these rules as a girl your life will be a ton more entertaining and you won’t be the chick crying in the bathroom.