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Drunk Words Are Not Sober Thoughts

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Whoever first said drunk words are sober thoughts should be shot. In reality guys will say pretty much anything to get a girl in bed. Don’t over think last weekend girls; odds are he didn’t mean any of it. People act as if alcohol is like a truth serum or something. Oh you want to see if he likes you? Get him drunk and ask! What a horrible idea. I’m sure if he likes you will find out without alcohol.

Yes, there are exceptions when drunk words are actually sober thoughts. If sally is being annoying when I’m drunk you bet ill call her out on it. When I’m sober I’ll probably keep it to myself because I’m trying to be nice. Alcohol is liquid confidence so I will be more persuaded to tell you things when drunk but that doesn’t mean it’ll make a difference in our sober relationship. Confidence doesn’t mean the truth.

By believing what you do drunk is what your hiding sober, only leaves room to over think things. There is nothing worse than over thinking things ladies. It’s what keeps us up at night and what we daydream about during class. Yes, Pete was nice to you drunk on Saturday. Yes, he’s an asshole sober. No, he does not secretly have a crush on you. Stop fantasizing about what color scheme your wedding is going to be and what you’re going to name your future kids. He’s not so why should you.

Over thinking just complicates things. If you over analyze what happened between you and a guy, you might trick yourself into liking him.  Then this leads to an attachment then you find yourself getting mad every time you see them with another girl. It sucks when that happens but you have the power to avoid it; don’t think about it. Like I said before he is probably not thinking about it. Yea he probably told his friends but I doubt he told them with such detail as you told your friends. Some of you are probably saying, “ Well maybe he is and maybe he does like me.” Well good for you. I hope he does like you but until he makes it obvious don’t think about it.

Over thinking not only makes things worse for you but also the guys. It makes guys seem like assholes and makes it look like they just lead you on. Guys wants one thing right now.SEX. Once again, like I said before, guys will say anything to get a girl in bed. We all know this yet when it comes to your turn to accept that, It’s the most absurd thing.

There is one easy solution to over thinking. Lets just throw away the idea that drunk words are sober thoughts. If we just realize that drunk and sober are two different worlds then maybe we can stop thinking they mesh.  Our drunk actions don’t always have to define us in our sober world. Enough games people. This is college. Don’t over think until you know the other person likes you. It’ll make life so much simpler.