ECU Pool Rager Tough To Beat

  • guest

    It’s not Eastern Carolina University, it’s East Carolina University. 

  • ram

    Ram’s Pointe Pool Part at Colorado State University went SOOO MUCH HARDER THAN THIS

  • Door

    YaGeorgia Southern has that beat any given monday

  • Guest

    what you dnt see here is 2 other pools one bigger and one smaller that are just as slammed packed not to mention a whole grilling area that has ppl stacked in as well… been to alot of pool parties on other campuses and must say the Landing and NCC out at ECU has got the cake… party like a pirate!!

  • Guest

    This looks like a cute little get together. This is what every pool at Georgia Southern looks like at 11am before most of the people get there. Even The Forum looked like this on a last Tuesday around lunch time

  • Guest

    I remember my first college party… 

  • Foxnews guy

    Looks like amature hour to me. Georgia Southern has got this beat any given Friday

  • Guest

    i’m pretty sure that no one has that beat. You Georgia Southern bitties have nothing on us…. You can’t spell PARTIES WITHOUT PIRATES!!!!!!

  • Richdevita


  • Bondman1824

    that aint shit try going to georgia southern an see a real pool party look like this by 11 AM

  • guest

    There is a reason we Hail Southern, we know how the hell to party.

  • Guest

    This is just one of the 3 big pools that everyone goes to at ECU and to the left there is like another couple hundred people you can’t see plus a volley ball court.