Halloween Drinking Games

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Listen up kiddies, as if you didn’t have more reasons to drink this upcoming Halloween weekend, here are a couple of games to get you on your drunken zombie swag.[divider]

Bobbing for Booze

Nobody liked bobbing for apples because simply stated, you were sticking your face in stagnant water, full of whatever that weird kid had on his face that just went before you among other biological substances that you don’t want in your mouth. So make that water sterile and make your favorite brand of jungle juice. Preferably with a high alcohol content as you will be playing with sluts who most likely just got done sucking face and who knows what else. Remember this isn’t grade school, you’re in college now. You use your liver. So why put something like an apple in there? Fill that vat of jungle juice up with nips. Nothing better than a mouth full of nips and jungle juice, right?

Halloween Bingo

For this game you basically just need to keep your eyes out on campus for the tell-tale signs that beverage intake has begun and everyone is tippin cups. If the ambulance comes for a freshman everyone takes shots in their honor/to pick up the slack for what they won’t be drinking. R.I.B. (Rest in Booze). If you see somebody who isn’t dressed up as a zombie, but is walking like one. You need to get on their level, 2 shots. If you see a girl who doesn’t realize that Halloween is the one day of the year that they are allowed to look like whores and not be judged, 2 shots. One for you and for her so she gets in the spirit. Since you’re going to be going to the local drinking whole, keep your eyes out for what you’re going to be stepping in. 3 shots for vomit, 2 shots for a smashed pumpkin.

Whore Movie

Due to the Halloween season, many networks play horror movies, lucky for you, all you need to do is flip on the TV and grab a bottle of your favorite liver killer. Everybody picks a character, if your character screams; you take a shot, if a girl dies first all the girls drink. If a guy dies first, the bros drink, if it was your character that died, knock it back. If your character survives you send 2 shots to somebody else, if you can pick who the killer is (before the halfway mark in the movie) everyone else combines their drinks, grabs some straws, and gets on their vampire swag and sucks.[divider] Hope these games will turn you into the walking dead and have you waking up drunk and going to bed messed up.