How I Made Money in College

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Every weekend we would throw down at my house which was in prime location right behind campus.  I would buy 3 kegs for one night and send out facebook invites, put up signs on campus, and word of mouth.  Each keg cost about $75 dollars to fill up so for three was around $225.  When the party started I would have someone at the door collecting $5 for a bottom-less cup.  On average we would have about 100-150 people on a normal weekend.  You do the math.  I was making a decent profit just by doing what I do best, partying.  Each party was planned very well.  Don’t invite a bunch of dudes because nobody will come back for another party.  I kept a very equal ratio of guys and girls.  If 20 dudes all roll up together, the chances of them getting in the door is very unlikely.  Another thing is that I made friends with a local cop who would always give me a tip if we got noise complaints. This is what college is all about. Partying, drinking, and sex.