Dan (Missouri)

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Name: Dan Stroud

School: Mizzou

Favorite Drink: Bud Heavy

What do you want in a girl? Have to be attracted to her,  just someone who is going to  reciprocate all the great things you do for them!

Why would a girl want you? Cause I’m fun to be around, and they would soon realize I’m the type of guy they want to always be around.

Most embarrassing college story? Blacking out and running around my fraternity all night screaming “ROLL TIDE”

What’s your hangover cure? McDonalds

What’s your pet-peeve in bed? When she has no idea how to even makeout, and a girl can definitely try to talk dirty way to much.

Craziest place you have had sex?  Outside one of my lecture halls

Dream celeb?  Megan Fox

What is one thing no one would ever know about you? I turned down an offer to play college basketball to go to the best University in the world, MIZ-ZOU!