NBA Lockout Drinking Game

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To all those die-hard basketball fans out there, we understand how tough this lockout must be. But, a drinking game will for sure make these uncertain days go by faster, so let’s begin, shall we?[divider]

When they play old NBA games that happen to be of your team playing, finish your drink.  It’ll help with the realization that you could be watching a 2011 season game compared to one from years ago.

When kids on campus refer to the big 3 as Cuervo, Beam, and Daniels instead of Lebron, Wade, and Bosh, take a shot of Jim, Jack, and Jose

For every player that announces to play overseas chug a beer.

Chug a beer if the WNBA is being televised.

When you see an NBA player on campus training at your school’s facilities, automatically start day drinking.

If you are watching Basketball Wives just don’t stop drinking.

Everytime Derek Fisher is mentioned, take a drink.

If you see a clip on ESPN of Justin Bieber playing basketball, just punch the person next to you.

When you see a Jordan or Lebron commercial shotgun a brew.

If basketball is your favorite sport and you attempting to watch another makes you think you’re cheating on your team, take a drink.

Let’s face it: hockey, baseball, football, lacrosse, tennis and soccer are nothing like basketball, whenever one of these sports are on TV, take 2 sips because you think one of those sports should be in a lockout, not yours.

Finish your drink every time you hear that a deal might be in the works to finally end the lockout. Take a shot on top of the drink if seconds later you find out that the deal fell through leaving you basketball-less for who knows how much longer.

WHEN THE LOCKOUT IS FINALLY OVER: take a sip for every game that’s been canceled.