Never, Ever Date A Guy…

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  • Who considers folding laundry an ideal form of foreplay.
  • That talks about their orthodontist as if they were a God.
  • Who orders a glass of wine at the bar because he studied abroad for 4 weeks, and he is like really, really European now.
  • Has smaller balls than your 7 year old sister.
  • Has a strange obsession with your right earlobe.
  • Who likes Nickleback on Facebook.
  • Who doesn’t like dogs.
  • Who has never seen Sandlot.
  • Who tells you that making out really isn’t their “thing.”
  • Who can only quote Superbad.
  • Who online shops more than a sorority girl before spring break.
  • Who thinks Emma Watson looks better with short hair.
  • Who doesn’t understand the wonder that is Ed Norton.
  • Who insists that you have talk through Google+, and Google+ only.
  • Who thinks The Beatles are just “alright.”
  • WHO DOESN’T LIKE BATMAN. ( This is when I knew, this was the moment I knew)
  • Who can understand the concept of being a summer slam.
  • Who considers going to a convenience store at 10 pm as a “wild adventure”.
  • Who does the thing where they take off the cheese on pizza and then doesn’t eat the cheese because they don’t like cheese. WHO DOESN’T LIKE CHEESE?
  • Who dyes their hair.
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