New Years Eve Drinks

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New Year’s Eve: The obnoxious party skank’s Christmas morning. The night that is completely acceptable to get wrecked, hook up, and walk home in the sexy sequin dress you wore the night before. A night consisting of the bubbly, trying to rock the hottest outfit at the party and hoping your drunk midnight make-out is with someone decent. Whether you’re hosting the party, attending, or playing bartender for the night, brush up on these easy recipes that are perfect for psyching up the party as you get ready to countdown the New Year.


Champagne Showers

Duh. What else comes to mind when you think of “New Year’s Eve?”

Andre – Grab a few bottles and dress the drink up in champagne glasses and a piece of fruit (raspberries, citrus, etc.). Go classy with a classic and toast to the questionable decisions that will be made throughout the night.


(Insert name of frat with the most creepers here) Juice

A dash of fruit chunks, mixed juices, a lot of alcohol. Need I say more?

Serve in a large tub, accompanied with multiple solo cups. Ruffies are optional.


Go for the Gold

If you’re feeling like a real rich, classy bitch; grab some Goldschlager and entertain the slam pieces with this bottle of blackout. To create the “gingerbread man,” mix 1/3 oz. Goldschlager with 1/3 oz. butterscotch schnapps and 1/3 oz. of Bailey’s Irish Cream. Pop this open as soon as the ball drops, enjoy the tiny pieces of gold slicing up your throat and allow the rush of excitement into your bloodstream. Nothing beats this bottle of glamorous violence.


Cherry Lemonade Bomb

Do you still have some Redbull left over from cramming for finals week? Good. Mix a can with a bottle of Pinnacle Cherry Lemonade for the ultimate wonderland of wasted. This is the go-to drink if you’re at a bum party, trying to get shitty quickly.


You’re a good friend, but you’re gonna be boring to be around

Designated Driver? Treat yourself to a lovely glass of Welch’s Finest Sparkling Grape


Before you attend the biggest bash of the year, down this selection of beverages to enhance your overall New Year’s Eve experience. (CTL is not responsible of the ugly sorority sister you take home, losing your iPhone or waking up in unknown whereabouts due to the content and drink ideas of this article.)