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Pregame Palooza

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Going to a party sober is a social no-no. Every college kid knows that. Thanks to the creation of the “pregame,” no one is expected to show up to a kegger dying for thirst.

Sometimes pregames are small with just some close friends, a few beats courtesy of iTunes shuffle and some leftover alcohol from last weekend’s shindig. A few shots, a beer or two and out the door you go. Short, sweet and to the point.

Personally I’m a fan of the low-key pregame where just enough alcohol is consumed to make awkward encounters a little less, well, awkward. On the other hand, some people go all-out during the pregame stage and don’t ever remember making it to the party—oops.

We’ve all pregamed too hard once or twice during our college years: puked before walking into the bash, stumbled into the party looking a hott mess or blacked out upon arrival. Shit happens. But, when it becomes a regular occurrence that you can’t remember much past the pre-party events, we have a situation on our hands folks.

Those nights when one pregame turns into another, which turns into another are a real kicker. For some reason the brain doesn’t process that you’ve now attended three pregames and consumed the same obnoxious amount of cheap liquor at each one. When it starts to add up in a short amount of time, you know it’s bad—real bad.

It’s called a pre-game for a reason ladies and gents.

Pre-(prefix) earlier than : prior to : before

Game-(noun) activity engaged in for diversion or amusement (courtesty of

It’s the baby party to get ready for the mack-daddy of all parties, so stop treating it like the main event—that is if you want to recall your night the next morning…