Sluts Are People Too

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Alright, so we all know this double standard.

-Girl gets with a lot of guys. Girl is called a slut.
-Guy gets with a lot of girls. Guy is called the man.

No guy wants to date a slut. But no guy wants to date someone who is inexperienced. In order to be experienced you have to get with a lot of guys. If you get with a lot of guys then you are called a slut and sluts don’t get wifed up. It’s a never ending circle of confusion.

In order to break this circle, how about everyone stops giving a shit about who someone else got with. The only concern you should have if your girlfriend slept with a lot of people is if she has some incurable disease brewing down there. Other than that, get the fuck over it. She has a prior life before you and now that you’re together don’t fuck it up with your views on how she lived her life. BEFORE SHE MET YOU.

For some unknown reason society has decided to put a bad connotation with the word slut. I personally like Urban dictionary’s definition, “A women with the morals of a man.” Every college guy wishes for a girl they can fuck without emotions. Well looks like you found one guys. Oh wait you disrespect her because she has gotten with more people than the ok number you and your frat bros made up.

If people stopped giving a fuck about other people’s hookups then the world of college would be so much happier.  Just because you make out with a ton of guys doesn’t mean you’re easy. It means you know what your needs are and you are making them happen strategically. The girls who bounce from guy to guy know they don’t want anything to come out of the hookup. A constant hookup is closest to leading into a full fledge relationship with actual feelings for the other person. So how do you cure the urge to make out with out attachment? Simple. You get with whomever you want.

For the people who judge these girls, shut up. Obviously you have different morals than the girl who got with half the Sig Ep pledge class because you don’t stop bitching about it. Whether it’s jealously or strictly a different bring up, she’s not you so stop worrying about her life.

Another good thing about getting with a lot of guys whether you just make out or fuck them is that you will know what kind of guy you want. And get this. You wont have to go through the messy break up and attachment issues that come along with relationships.  See being a slut is beneficial to all parties except for the judgmental bitches.  So how about you get your head out of your ass and start going after you want instead of judging girls who do.

Whether you are a relationship girl or a hit it and quit it girl be kind to each other. Don’t forget your fellow girls aren’t the enemy, guys are.