summer fling

Summer Flings

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Its that time of year again when the number of available hot guys can be counted on one hand. Yes its summer time. Don’t let the hot air, calming beaches and Summer jams fool you. Don’t get me wrong Summer is great. You get to see all your high school friends, slack off for 2-3 months and get to sleep in. Summer just means you have to resort back to last years model. For your sake lets hope you didn’t end things badly last year. If you did, well, start sucking up because not only do you have limited time, but you also have a limited guy pool. Also don’t listen to your friends spiel about how “there are other fish in the sea” or “Everything happens for a reason.” Sorry they don’t have a summer hookup or they refuse to reuse last years booty call. Girl if you want some action, preferably someone who isn’t a sketchy guy at the bar who may or may not have a kid, then get off your ass and call the guy from 2011.

Compliment, flirt or give him a beer; do whatever gets you to his heart faster. You have 3 months till the start of fall semester, you want as much action as you can get. Dress more provocatively, wear more makeup. Do whatever to draw this guy in. Now some of you are probably thinking “this is the wrong way to get man” or “how can he love you for you if you’re being fake.” If our goal was to turn 2011’s garbage into 2012’s treasure than yes you are right. But in our case this guy only serves to hold us over until we can broaden our horizons at the start of fall semester.

Once you are consistently getting with this guy, you’ve hit the jackpot. Since you ended things last summer, and obviously have both gotten with other people, the once there feelings have faded and the short 2 month period shouldn’t allow for those feelings to resurface. This is great because you don’t have to feel bad dumping them come the middle of August. Not to mention this causal flirtationship will allow you to get with other people throughout the duration of the summer. Don’t feel bad, colleges always tell you to have a back up career, this is like the same thing but instead of getting paid with money, sexual favors are being exchanged.

Summer flings can get messy so keep it as casual as possible. Avoid the exclusivity talk and keep emotions minimal. He is meant to satisfy your sexual needs for the summer and that is all. You aren’t taking advantage of him, he is probably doing the same thing. No one wants a relationship going into college from a summer fling. Make the break up as clean as possible because you never know where you’ll be in a year. He might come in handy in 2013.

Roll down your windows, lets the wind blow through your hair
Lay on the beach, breath in that summer air.