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Survivor: The Drinking Game

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So, you and your friends are all together, surrounded by some attractive females, have plenty of booze, and no early classes the next day. Time to play Survivor: The Drinking Game. Don’t worry, for those of you who don’t know how to play, we got you covered.

Round One:
Best 2 out of 3 Team Flip Cup – All contestants divide into even teams and prepare to chug. The two teams will play to the best out of three and the winning team is immune from being cast off.

Now comes the entertaining part, the vote. After each round the remaining contestants must come together and each place a secret vote for whom they would like to “leave the island.” A redemption island must also be designated for those who are voted off the island. Feel free to make a rule for the castaways; chug a beer for every round they made it before elimination, powerhour until the game is over, doing a naked mile, whatever makes you happy.

Round Two:
Battleship – The opposing teams will take turns pouring beer into a shot glass floating in a pitcher of more beer. The first team to make the shot glass, aka the Battleship, sink into the rest of the beer loses and must all finish the pitcher. The winning team has won immunity.

Let the voting commence again.

Round Three:
Team Thumper – Basically thumper but with a team aspect. When one messes up they are eliminated and must chug their drink. The team that has everyone eliminated first, loses. Winners are immune.

The voting takes place again, and those three games should be repeated until there are only four contestants left. Feel free to insert your own team games until there are four left. Be creative, mind you everyone should be getting fucked up.

With only four contestants left it is time to separate the drinkers from the alcoholics. The four left should play best 2 out of 3 Four Corners with the winning team being the final two in the competition. These two should find two very large glasses and fill them as much as possible with beer. Whoever could chug the most/finish first is the true Survivor.

Now there are many spaces that are open for interpretation and feel free to substitute when you see fit but the bottom line is, get messed up. Also there is one provision that should be accounted for; you should have one person serve as an official Jeff Probst. This person must be able to lay down the law, be funny, and not age a day over 154 seasons.

Goodnight, and good chug.