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That One Weird Kid With No Life

There’s so many types of people in college. There’s the frat guys, sorority girls, the stoners, the nerds, the Christians, the hippies, etc. And then there’s that one person, that one weirdo that doesn’t leave their room. Ever. That has no friends, no social life, nothing. Their life revolves around their computer and god forbid…


College: When 1>2

There are four ways to go through college: 1. Happy and single 2. Unhappy and single 3. Happy and in a relationship 4. Unhappy and in a relationship Number four is by far the worst way to spend your college career, yet so many people seem to choose it. The most egregious relationship offender in…


Ways to Know if You're "That Girl"

Everyone knows who I’m talking about. You’ve seen her on campus. You’ve seen her at the football games. You’ve seen her at the frat parties… and most definitely, you’ve seen her at the bars. That girl. Admit it – you’ve probably got a mental picture of some chick right now. And girls, if you’re reading…


What I Learned From Taylor Swift

Personally, I’ve learned about as much from celebrities as I did from my teachers in high school, which is essentially nothing. Out of all the celebrities who taught me how to make really stupid decisions and get away with it, I would have to say that Taylor Swift has taught me the most. The following…


Hook Ups to Steer Clear of

Acquiring a partner for a weekend night is not difficult in college, considering 100% of the population is driven by heightened hormones, blindly swept up by the cloud of lust looming over colleges nation wide. With the aid of cheap vodka and tequila, single socialization and falling in to bed with strangers has never been…