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How NOT To Throw a Party

Everyone dreams of having an awesome college party, but it takes certain knowledge and skill to effectively execute. Jello shots, Jungle Juice, and kegs are always fun, but follow these steps to avoid disaster: 1. Don’t Get Blackout Before the Guests Arrive: No, I’m not kidding. This can happen very easily. You think, “Hey! I don’t…

nfl draft

2013 NFL Draft Drinking Game

As if we all didn’t almost die from excitement/alcohol poisoning during the WNBA Draft a couple of Tuesday mornings ago, the sports gods have given us yet another professional sports selection show. The 2013 NFL Draft begins Thursday at 8:00pm, so if you have some work meeting or your kid has soccer practice, just go…

les miserables

Les Misérables: College Edition

Les Misérables was one of the biggest movies to come out in past years. And we all know why: Wolverine is being chased by Gladiator while Catwoman turns to prostitution to pay for her daughter, Karen from Mean Girls, who is being taken care of by Borat and Bellatrix Lestrange until Wolverine takes her and…


Beating Edward 40 Hands

Once upon a time someone, perhaps a young college student just like you, thought to themselves, “I want to chug more of this two dollar alcohol but my hands are literally not cooperating with my brain anymore.” Then that student probably vomited on their own shirt. Nevertheless, on that glorious day Edward 40 Hands was…


Things Girls Say

“I’m sooo Classy” Girls who self-proclaim they are sooo classy usually are the exact opposite. These types of girls are very judgmental and extremely insecure. Their proclaimed classiness helps them feel like they are better than everyone else and for all those who don’t believe me, just look at Angelina from the Jersey Shore she…