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Dating in College: Should I?

Keystone or Natty? Ramen or Jimmy Johns? Girlfriend/boyfriend or Single? Are the three biggest questions you’ll ever have to ask yourself in your four year vacation called, “college.” While Keystone clearly loses to Natty to any individual with a set of fully functioning taste buds, and Jimmy Johns is the only phone number you’ll ever…


Banging Fatties

This is a story for all the average guys. The guys who ALMOST got it in. But almost is still, in fact, not getting it in. And I don’t mean “get it in with the girl of your dreams variety either”. I mean get it in, with any girl drunk enough to look your way…

nfl draft

2013 NFL Draft Drinking Game

As if we all didn’t almost die from excitement/alcohol poisoning during the WNBA Draft a couple of Tuesday mornings ago, the sports gods have given us yet another professional sports selection show. The 2013 NFL Draft begins Thursday at 8:00pm, so if you have some work meeting or your kid has soccer practice, just go…

Teen Mom 2

Teen Mom 2 – The Drinking Game

Monday really sucks. We say goodbye to the weekend and get thrown into a boring Culture and Civilization lecture on the Revolutionary War. Who wants to hear about how hard life was for Bushwhackers two-hundred years ago? According to Jenelle from Teen Mom 2 nothing is more stressful than becoming a teen mom, especially if…


The "Is This Cheating?" Quiz

While there are many factors that can cause the end of a relationship, cheating is definitely one of the most frowned up.  However, this is the 21st century and cheaters are no longer forced to sport the letter “A” nor are they completely ostracized for every indiscretion they may be involved in. (We all forgave…


The College Break-Up Manifesto

“We need to talk.” Those four words have caused many men to succumb to alcoholism, unleash a violent fury upon their community, and even cry. Have you ever been dumped? Who says grown men don’t cry? I can’t reveal any secrets on how to cope with a broken heart because none exist. What I can…