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Drinking Personalities

I’ve heard that the first step to recovery is acceptance.  Before you stop reading this because you think I’m going to tell you to stop partying your life away, you’re wrong.  Keep drinking your keystone light and trying to convince your friends that a guy drinking a Mike’s isn’t even a big deal.  My goal…


Ways to Know if You're "That Girl"

Everyone knows who I’m talking about. You’ve seen her on campus. You’ve seen her at the football games. You’ve seen her at the frat parties… and most definitely, you’ve seen her at the bars. That girl. Admit it – you’ve probably got a mental picture of some chick right now. And girls, if you’re reading…

Summer Guy

Summer: Don't Be A Bum

What does everyone think of when they hear summer? They think of sunshine, beach, tanned girls, girls in bikinis, girls in short shorts, well pretty much girls in general… at least if you’re a man.. or if girl if you roll that way.. no judgement here. Anyways getting back to the point, with all these…


A Condom Enemy

Bill Gates raised eyebrows recently when his foundation offered a $100,000 prize for the creative mind that can produce the next generation of condoms. If he’s soooo smart, why did it take him this long to figure out we need better condoms? Latex condoms came out over 90 years ago, and since that time they…


What It's All About

To be quite honest, this was originally a piece for a general level writing class.. “Write about an obsession”  was the assignment. Great. I’ve never had a true passion, still don’t. Love sports, love them. Read about them and watch them morning, noon, and night. Too generic, too boring , I can’t write two pages…