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Your First One Night Stand

Before You met him at a party that your roommate insisted would be “totally amazing.” That should have been a warning sign. The party, more of a crowd of drunk college kids in some girl’s too-small apartment, was a Cherry Burnett’s induced shitshow. You literally bumped into this guy as you shoved your way to…

I absolutely need a drink

Translating College Talk

“Let’s Have a Movie Night” – Yes, we should have a movie night.  What movie do you want to watch “Missionary” or “Doggystyle.” “Can I get a massage?” – Yes I will gladly rub your back for 30 seconds while I am attempting to put on a rubber. “He looks so familiar” – We made…


Dan (Missouri)

Name: Dan Stroud School: Mizzou Favorite Drink: Bud Heavy What do you want in a girl? Have to be attracted to her,  just someone who is going to  reciprocate all the great things you do for them! Why would a girl want you? Cause I’m fun to be around, and they would soon realize I’m…