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The Ultimate Party Foul

As college students, we all embrace an unwritten code of party conduct. I mean, sure, we’ve probably all snuck some alcohol from someone else’s bottle without permission or spent too long making out in the bathroom while others are waiting, but overall there are just some things you don’t do.  I like to consider them…


The Art of Day Drinking

So it’s getting to be that time of year again. The sun is starting to shine; Uggs are turning to flip flops, tights to bikinis and North Face jackets to neon tanks. That’s right people its springtime, it’s the time of year when college students stop hiding out in the bars and come outside to…


How NOT To Throw a Party

Everyone dreams of having an awesome college party, but it takes certain knowledge and skill to effectively execute. Jello shots, Jungle Juice, and kegs are always fun, but follow these steps to avoid disaster: 1. Don’t Get Blackout Before the Guests Arrive: No, I’m not kidding. This can happen very easily. You think, “Hey! I don’t…


Say NO to Ratio

This is a situation the majority of young, fresh-faced college males at any respectable party school have faced in their lifetime. It’s the weekend, and you heard it through the rape-vine that the biggest frat on campus is throwing the rager of all ragers this weekend. “Oh f*ck yes,” you say to yourself. You’re halfway…