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That Awkward Moment When…..You Use “What’ Up”

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Awkward takes new form in the phrase “what’s up.”  This may seem like a harmless conversation starter but it really get to be pretty awkward fast.  For instance, on my walk to class, someone casually walking by said “Hey, what’s up?”  Me, trying to be a courteous person, tried to utter a response but the other party kept walking on.  Cleary, sir, you did not want to know “what is up.”  This is where it gets awkward, what’s the point of asking “what’s up” if you don’t really care to know the answer. Ok, so you’re trying to be nice, I get it, but you just wasted some quality oxygen.  I bet with your last breath you’re probably going to be pissed because you said what’s up to me without even caring.

The “what’s up” also gets awkward when 1) it’s someone you have no idea who they are 2) someone you’re crushing on and 3) the always awkward random hook up.  In order to deal with someone you have no idea who there are just simply smile and continue on walking. (“Sorry I have no idea who you are and I’m going to continue on to some imaginary urgent issue that just conveniently came up.”) To the person you’re crushing on, the what’s up usually comes in the “Sup?” form from bros and the “Oh shit, what if he actually responds, What’s up?” from the ladies.  Finally, the most awkward, “what’s up” of them all, the random hookup “what’s up.”  Usually you can take these “what’s ups” with a grain of a salt, but there is that rare occasion when your random hookup turns out to be a psycho stalker.  In this case, whenever the phrase “what’s up” is uttered, RUN. That’s it just turn around and run the opposite direction and hope they never see you again.

Don’t get me wrong a casual “what’s up” every now and again is great but once you start to overuse it, it just gets awkward. I’m not ranting by any means; I love an occasional what’s up as much as the next girl. So as always, check yo’ self before you wreck yo’ self.