The Bachelor Season 17 Drinking Game

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As a new year begins, yet another all-American man begins his “journey” of dating 25 women at one time.  Women of all ages (and some men?) will get to witness the mess of reality TV that is “The Bachelor”.  There will be tears, drama, “love”, and Sean Lowe, our bachelor, shirtless through it all.  I guarantee that the following drinking game will end in you drunkenly crying because you will never find true love.  Cheers!

Take a sip of your drink every time…

-Sean stares pensively into the distance as a voiceover describes:

-his heartbreak on Emily Maynard’s season of The Bachelorette

-his desire to find his wife

-how much he want kids

-A girl describes a fellow contestant as:




-not here for the right reasons

-Sean tells one of the girls:

-he’s glad they’re there

-he wouldn’t want to share this moment with anyone else

-he has a “special connection” with them

-Sean is shirtless

-Sean kisses one of the bachelorettes

-Sean is shown working out/playing sports

-a form of transportation other than a car is used on a date

-Any of the girls describes their relationship with Sean as:

-meant to be

-best friends in love



-anyone is going on a long walk on a beach

-Sean says he believes his future wife is in the room

-Anyone says the one thing missing in their life is a special person to share it with

-You realize how single you are

-Dating multiple women at once is described as a “process” or “journey”

-you get secondhand embarrassment from how desperate some of the girls seem

-The bachelorettes bitch about Tierra

-one of the girls reveals a tragic moment from her past to Sean

-Sarah’s one arm is mentioned

-Sean says he had to “make a lot of tough decisions” before a rose ceremony

-Evil music plays as the token crazy girl of the season is shown

-One of the girls says they’re “living a real life fairytale”

Do a shot every time…

-Sean has to comfort a jealous, hysterical bachelorette

-One of the girls is eliminated on a date instead of the rose ceremony

-A girl has a breakdown in the limo after they’ve been eliminated

-Sean makes out with one of the girls and it isn’t awkward (this probably won’t happen, don’t worry)


Finish your drink if…

-you don’t have alcohol poisoning by now