Things to Avoid at Parties

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To ensure you don’t wake up Sunday morning with a hangover, tagged photos of you on Facebook, a black eye, or the Clap, you should take a look at a few things to avoid at parties. Because the last thing you want is one of those on top of a gnarly hangover.

Cameras/ Camera Phones

Now I realize that this isn’t 2003 and almost everyone has a smartphone these days (unless you’re still rocking a Blackberry…I’d rather use a walkie talkie than one of those things), but you still have to avoid these at all costs. It just takes one snapshot uploaded to Facebook to ruin a career, relationship, living situation, you name it. If granny sees you taking a bong rip on her newsfeed, you can forget about getting a card with 10 bucks taped inside it for your birthday. All of this is completely avoidable. If no one is rocking a phone, they might be rocking a real camera. The latest trend is bringing legit cameras to parties. Now, I’m not talking about those little point n shoots, but like full on Nikon D60s. Before you can recover from the blinding flash these guys put off, boom. You’re screwed. You’ll be famous on Facebook in the morning. I explain this a little more in depth HERE


Say you’re a few hours into a party, you’re tuned up on Jager and feelin’ good. Then, your ex walks in. Did you guys end on good terms or bad terms? I’m not sure it really matters, because the Jager is going to be doing the most of your talking for you. These can either end in a full out brawl over unfinished business, or in the sack. Either way, it’s something you will be pissed about in the morning. So if your ex does end up at the same party as you, just chill out and do another Jagerbomb, bro. Everyone is having a good time, don’t make it awkward by getting into a bitch fit.

The Dude On Roids

Now, if you’re anything like me, you tend to get a little mouthy at parties after a while, and unfortunately, it’s towards the dude that could literally throw the keg at your head at 60mph. This guy can’t even scratch his ears because his biceps are so big. This goes for you too, ladies, as roid rage knows no boundaries. Anyone remember Snookie getting decked? That shit can happen.

Comfy Furniture

If you’re halfway through the night and have a solid buzz going, the last thing you need to encounter is a Laz-E-Boy. If you ease your drunken self into that bad boy, it’s game over. Put a fork in you, you’re done. You will not be moved from that piece of furniture until it’s time to clean up the next morning. This leads to falling asleep, which leads to getting penises drawn on your face and your shoes getting stolen. Do yourself a favor, and stay standing bro.

So next time you go out to a party just remember to avoid these items if you can, and you shouldn’t have any other problems paired up with your hangover. If you get tangled up with one of these things, well, I can’t say I didn’t tell you so.