Top 5 Stoner Meals

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By: Kansas State Rep Kris Fitzgerald

We decided to put our rep to work to find the craziest original recipes that taste good while high.  After a month of experimenting our rep documented his five most favorite meals to share with you.  The picture above is the legendary stoner meal from Wendy’s, the classic Spicy Chicken Sandwich (#6 on the combo).  We wanted to think outside the box and see what #CTL creations we could come up with.  They may seem crazy or gross, but that was the goal.  Find the weirdest looking creations that taste bomb diggity.  Just remember our taste buds weren’t sober.  Feel free to submit your favorite stoner meals by commenting below!
#5 When we used to have a KFC here it was my favorite sandwich to get when stoned, even though it got shut down probably due to numerous chicken safety violations it was worth the possible E-coli outbreak I could receive from eating the double down sandwich.  It’s easy to make at home too with two chicken breast as the buns then cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and ranch or any other sauce, you can’t go wrong with this selection.




#4 This little sandwich was a random throw together because it was all I had left in the kitchen.  I looked around and saw I had some cheese dogs, bread, and random condiments.  So what else was I gonna do to satisfy my hunger? Throw it all together into a sandwich, this was actually pretty good the Dijon mustard and ranch combination with the cheese dogs was an interesting flavor.







#3 This weird looking mess was created while taking a study break enhancement.  It’s a chicken patty that was cooked in the microwave, melted slices of cheese and crumbled up baked potato pringles with ranch and I added tapatio as well.  This was an amazing delicious concoction.






#2 This is called “The Stoners Pie”  You can arrange anything possible on this.  Our pizza had cheese, pepperoni, ranch, French fries, and mozzarella sticks.  This pizza will leave you drooling and incredibly full, however when not stoned doesn’t taste the greatest.  I also would recommend not keeping it for leftovers, it gets soggy.







#1 This is the most amazing sandwich I’ve ever made.   Its peanut butter, lucky charms, and fruity pebbles.  Holy moly, I love this even not stoned.  I was just going to make a peanut butter sandwich and like a dipshit knocked an open bag of cereal on it and I decided to say screw it and eat it.  I was for sure not disappointed.  This I would highly recommend over and over again.  Don’t forget a glass of unexpired milk.