Vodka Tampons: The Things We Do for a Buzz

All the way from Sin City comes the newest way to get that buzz faster.  While some of this seems like local news blowing a story out of proportion (anal beer bongs), we’re interested if any of you ladies who have actually attempted the main focus of the story: Vodka Soaked Tampons.

Let us know below in the comments if you’ve ever given this a shot, or if this just seems like another case of fear mongering journalism.


Link to news story and video

  • Guest

    Any news story that uses the word “legit” is far from legitimate. 

    • Matt Johnson

      any hospital which has facebook on a tv screen is even farther from legitimate

  • Guest

    There was an incident in my local small- town elementary school in NH of this happening, it was a pretty bad, wide-spread issue.