Yoga Pants

Yoga Pants: The Collegiate Girl’s Painless & Proficient Fashion Piece

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I am clumsy, often trip and instead of balance usually bust my ass falling over air (sad I know). Therefore, the only time I have dabbled with yoga, my inner “ohm” and internal spark was overshadowed by my inability to correctly downward dog or find peace praying like a mantis.

However, while I may not yoga while I “yolo”, doesn’t mean I can’t benefit from other aspects of the yoga lifestyle, namely THE YOGA PANT.

The Yoga pant is the most versatile and valued fashion staple in my closet. If I had to guesstimate I’d say I own at least 8 pairs.


There are 3 reasons why yoga pants are fantastic, and here is why:

1. The Multifunctionality of the Yoga Pant

Whether you are waking up, working out, or just walking around campus, the yoga pant is socially acceptable at a number of social situations. (Here comes my modeling debut)

Celebrating a birthday…
Throwing darts…
Tebowing strangers…
Practicing the “Stop, Drop, & Roll”
And even more of the Tebow…

2. Comfort of another kind.


Yoga pants were made to bend, snap, twist, shake, and do absolutely anything in. In complete and utter comfort. Unlike jeans, everything in yoga pants is easier to do. Walking/skipping/hiking/jumping/running from the cops/climbing a fence/boarding a train/riding a plane/playing twister is just so much easier and unrestrained by the free-to-move fabric. No zippers, no drawstrings, no damn problem.

3. We look hella good in them.

Yoga pants are flattering on an assortment of body types. The fit and flare effect clings in all the right places, and gives some semblence of a shape in comparison to over-sized sweatpants. Nonexistent ass? No problem! Pop on a pair, and boom you gotta a booty that Beyonce herself would deem “Bootylicious”. Chunky yet funky? The black color and A-line cut of the fabric slims and trims the thighs, making you look like the utltimate sultan of the squat. Guys, girls, whichever way you swing, are greatful to God everyday for the yoga pants that give them a glance of the goods, while not reverting to slut to show some skin. There is a reason why the wesbite, “Girls In Yoga Pants” has become crazy popular. It’s not for the fashion, if you know what I mean.

So ladies: be proud and rock the yoga pants. You never know who else might like them just as much as you do ; )